How to check Credit Score in Borrowell

In today’s world, having a good credit score is essential for financial stability and achieving life goals. Borrowell, a Canadian financial technology (fintech) company, has emerged as a reliable platform to help Canadians monitor and improve their credit scores. This post will provide a comprehensive overview of Borrowell, its services, and how users can check their credit scores for free in Canada.

  1. What is Borrowell?

Borrowell is a leading Canadian fintech company founded in 2014 with a mission to make personal finance simple, transparent, and accessible for all Canadians. It operates as an online platform that offers a range of financial products and tools designed to empower individuals to take control of their finances.

  1. Free Credit Score Check:

One of Borrowell’s flagship features is its ability to provide users with free access to their credit scores. This service allows Canadians to check their credit scores without any cost, making it a valuable tool for understanding and managing their financial health.

  1. How to Access the Free Credit Score:

To obtain a free credit score through Borrowell, users can follow these simple steps:

a. Registration: Users need to sign up for a Borrowell account, providing basic personal information and consent to access their credit report.

b. Secure Connection: Borrowell employs robust security measures to ensure the safety of users’ data. The platform uses bank-level encryption to protect personal and financial information.

c. Credit Score Display: Once registered, users can instantly view their credit score and access a comprehensive credit report that outlines the factors contributing to their score.

d. Credit Monitoring: Borrowell also offers free credit monitoring, allowing users to receive regular updates on their credit score and report changes.

  1. Additional Borrowell Features:

Apart from the free credit score check, Borrowell offers several other useful financial products and services:

a. Personal Loans: Borrowell provides personalized loan offers based on the user’s credit profile, allowing them to find competitive interest rates and loan terms.

b. Credit Building Tools: Borrowell offers personalized recommendations and tools to help users improve their credit scores over time.

c. Credit Education: The platform also provides educational resources and tips to help users better understand credit scores and manage their finances effectively.

d. Credit Card Offers: Borrowell may recommend credit card options tailored to the user’s credit profile, making it easier to find suitable credit cards.

e. Identity Theft Protection: Borrowell offers identity theft protection features to safeguard users from potential fraud and unauthorized credit activity.


Borrowell has revolutionized the way Canadians manage their credit scores and personal finances. By providing free access to credit scores and comprehensive credit reports, Borrowell empowers users to make informed financial decisions and work towards improving their credit health. Additionally, the platform’s array of financial products and educational resources further solidifies its position as a valuable tool for achieving financial well-being in Canada.

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